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Just Cause 1.05

Just Cause is a third-person shooter that does things differently
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Just Cause is a third-person shooter that does things differently. The game was first released on the XBOX 360, but now it has been ported to the PC. You play a certain secret agent, who is sent to a third world country to set it free. So you roam around in gigantic maps and kill people. The controls are pretty easy to use and understand. The graphics were really good at the time the game was released, but somehow they don't look as sharp now. There are plenty of weapons that you can use to wreak some serious havoc. You can even ride on certain vehicles. The one mission that I liked the most was the one in which you had to parachute from a plane onto the island. I had never seen something like that. It was real fun. All the defects that I can find now, I couldn't see back then, which is probably due to my playing some more modern games. Still, this game is a lot of fun and entertaining enough to at least deserve a try. The full version isn't really a long game, but is intense all along the way.

José Fernández
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