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Just Cause 7.5

A free-roaming action game in the style of Grand Theft Auto with stunts
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Just Cause is a strange animal, a game that received lukewarm reviews, but managed to win over the audience that keeps the franchise alive a decade later. With the recent release of the third game it's good to look back and see what started it all.

The original game doesn't look particularly striking and didn't amaze with its visuals back in 2006. The graphics were nice, but a bit sketchy due to the large spaces rendered by the game engine. Yet still Just Cause could be a bit slow to load. The sad thing is that the vast open spaces are generally empty and not that fun to explore. The story and characters are simplistic, the missions are not that engaging. So what's the draw of the game? The stunts. Just Cause makes full use of those open spaces with parachuting, driving, flying and shooting wile doing all that. If you decide to roam free, nothing is to stop you from wrecking havoc to your heart's content, and this is the best thing one can say about an open-world game.

Just Cause is a game with great potential, and that is why it started the long-running franchise. This potential might not have been fully realized in the first installment, but things only get better from here.

James Lynch
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  • Large open world
  • Original adrenaline-fueled action


  • Gameplay feels mundane
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